1985 Varsity Roster

Player               Year

John Campbell         SR 

Alfredo Fornaiser     JR 

Andrew Guidero        SR  

Rob Guidero           JR 

Jeffrey Ignatias      SR 

Dave Isherwood        JR 

Patrick Meadows       JR 

K Narsisi 

Bill Ostermeyer       SR 

Guido Peruzzi         JR 

Dave Powers           SR 

Jon Pulli             JR 

Kurt Rozzi            JR 

Matt Russo            SR 

Kyle Thornton         SR 


Coach Dudley 

Back Row: Coach Dudley, Coach Rod Robertson, Alfredo Fornaiser, Dave Powers, Guido Peruzzi, Rob Guidero, Bill Ostermeyer, Andrew Guidero, [ ? ], [ ? ], K Narsisi. Front Row: Matt Russo, Kyle Thornton, Jon Pulli, Kurt Rozzi, Patrick Meadows, Dave Isherwood, Jeffrey Ignatias, John Campbell, [ ? ].

Unfortunately, this was left in shambles by 85's yearbook committee.  3 blanks instead of names, but with 13 standing in the back row, and only 11 indicated, the photo is actually short 2 blanks on top of that.