College Players

Cupertino High School baseball alumni who played in college.


Fareed Ahmed, 2023, UC Riverside

Joseph Schlesselman, 2023, Dordt University

Jake Barbeau, 2020, Mission College, University of Indianapolis 


Zach Apostolo, 2019, West Valley College

Icko Iben, 2018, De Anza College

Connor Shiomoto, 2017, Pacific University

Josh Longabaugh, 2016, De Anza College,  Longwood University

Daniel Kono, 2015, De Anza College

Matt Kuhl, 2013, West Valley College,  Culver-Stockton College

Kavin Mistry, 2013, De Anza College

Stan Sumibcay, 2013, De Anza College

Desmond Maisel, 2011, Lewis & Clark College


 Dalton Lopes, 2009, De Anza College

 Brandon Lum, 2009, De Anza College

 Troy Milton, 2008, West Valley College

 Nick Scibetta, 2008, De Anza College

 Shian Vidanage, 2008, De Anza College

 Aaron Headrick, 2007, Skagit Valley College,  Western Oregon University

 Matt McCormick, 2006, St Mary's College,  Cal State East Bay

 Leo Haley, 2006, De Anza College

 Ian Pick, 2006, West Valley College,  Campbellsville University

 Todd Fitzgerald, 2005, San Jose City College,  UC Berkeley

 Tai Mitchell, 2005, De Anza College

 Nick Pereira, 2001, De Anza College,  University of San Francisco


 Dan Barczi, 1999, De Anza College,  Azusa Pacific College

 Brian Filizetti, 1998, De Anza College,  Metropolitan State College

 Matt Mulleri, 1998, De Anza College,  Siena College

 Joe Lin, 1997, De Anza College

 Jesse Mena, 1997, University of San Francisco

 James Priscaro, 1996, University of Massachusetts Boston

 Tony Lin, 1993, UC San Diego

 Taber Maier, 1993, De Anza College, Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo

 Brent Hemphill, 1990, De Anza College,  Cal State Fullerton


 Mike Fontana, 1989, Long Beach State

 John Gorman, 1988, Cal Poly

 Ted Maier, 1988, De Anza College,  University of Arizona

 Jeff McArthur, 1988, Stanford

 Monte Macer, 1987, De Anza College

 Jon Pulli, 1987, De Anza College,  Arizona State

 Corey Rodriguez, 1987, De Anza College,  University of South Alabama

 Bill Ostermeyer, 1985, De Anza College,  Centenary College

 Vince DeBono, 1981, De Anza College


 John Uvodich, 1976, Yavapai College,  University of South Alabama

 John Tillema, 1975, De Anza College,  San Jose State

 Rich Guardino, 1973, San Jose State

 Brad Kelley, 1973, Fresno State

 Ken Egusa, 1971, Stanford

 David Kawamoto, 1971, De Anza College

 Steve Kelley, 1971, Santa Clara University


Ron La Ruffa, 1965, Long Beach State

Jim Rodriguez, 1964, UCLA