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2020 Rules Book

posted Dec 2, 2019, 8:52 AM by Bill Walstrom   [ updated Dec 2, 2019, 8:53 AM ]
December 2,  2019      

The 2019 NFHS Baseball Rules Book is now available in paper format.  The paper version of is available from for $10.00. The Kindle ebook version is available from Amazon for $6.99.

As the official reference for the rules of the high school game, the book is helpful for understanding how those rules differ from others such as those of Little League and MLB.

The rules are organized into ten sections: Rule 1. Players, Field and Equipment, Rule 2. Playing Terms and Definitions, Rule 3. Substituting – Coaching – Bench and Field Conduct – Charged Conferences, Rule 4. Starting and Ending Game Rule, 5. Dead Ball – Suspension of Play Dead Ball Tables, Rule 6. Pitching, Rule 7. Batting Rule, 8. Rerunning, Rule 9. Scoring – Record Keeping and  Rule 10. Umpiring.

2020 NFHS Baseball Rules Book