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2016 Awards

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June 5, 2016  

The 2016 Baseball Awards Night took place on the afternoon of May 24, 2016.  In a departure from the norm, parents were not invited to attend, and no team awards were presented.

If team awards had been presented, players who would have been expected to have been recognized were Josh Longabaugh with 31 hits and a .397 average, Connor Shiomoto with 28 hits and a .326 average, and Ben Townsend with 28 hits and a .318 average.


Four members of the 2016 Varsity team received league recognition:  Senior Josh Longabaugh and Junior Connor Shiomoto were named to the second team. Longabaugh's .405 average with 17 hits was sixth highest in the league, while Shiomoto was eighteenth with a .333 average with 13 hits.  Sophomores Ander Hersh and Ben Townsend received Honorable Mentions.

Second Team

Josh Longabaugh    
Connor Shiomoto

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention    
Ben Townsend

Four From 2016 Make Twenty Hits Club

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May 30, 2016  

Four memebers from the 2016 team were added to the Twenty Hits Club for their accomplishment of achieving twnety or more hits during the regular season: Josh Longabaugh (29), Connor Shiomoto (28), Bem Townsend (26) and Anthony Pozzetti (20).

Josh Longabaugh    Connor Shiomoto    Ben Townsend    Anthony Poizzetti

2012 Grad Experiences CCS Championships As A Coach

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May 29, 2016    

Cameron Longabaugh (2012) didn’t experience the CCS Championships during his playing days, but had the opportunity this year as a member of Mountain View’s coaching staff. Prior to Mountain View, Longabaugh was a coach at Cupertino under former Dodger farmhand Stu Pederson. 

Cameron Longabaugh 2012

SCVAL Team Results in 2016 CCS Baseball Championships

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May 29, 2016    

It was a good season for the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League with seven of the league's fourteen teams enjoying trips to the 2016 CCS Baseball Championships, and with two advancing as far as the semi-final round.

Open Division

The two SCVAL representatives, both from the De Anza, exited in the first round, with #16 Valley Christian defeating #1 Palo Altos 2-0 and #7 San Benito defeating #10 Los Gatos 4-2

#5 Saint Francis won the championship, defeating #7 San Benito 1-0 in the final.

Division I

Two SCVAL teams exited from the first round as #3 Los Altos from the De Anza fell 8-5 to #14 Gilroy, and #12 San Mateo defeated #5 Mountain View from the El Camino.

#15 Monta Vista from the El Camino fell out in the second round, losing 10-3 to #10 Leigh.  Two De Anza teams advanced from the second round, with Milpitas defeating Gilroy 5-2 and Wilcox defeating San Mateo 10-0.

In the semi-final round Milpitas lost Leigh and Wilcox lost to Leland, both by scored of 5-1.

Leland won the championship, defeating Leigh 5-2.

Complete brackets and results for all there divisions are available on the Central Coast Section Website.


Seven SCVAL Teams In 2016 CCS Baseball Championships

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May 17, 2016  

Seven Santa Clara Valley Athletic League teams will appear in this year's CCS Baseball Championships. In the Open Division, #1 Palo Alto and #10 Los Gatos represent the De Anza.  In Division I, #3 Los Altos, #4 Wilcox, and #11 Milpitas represent the De Anza, while #5 Mountain View and #15 Monta Vista represent the El Camino. 

All first round games will be played at 4:00pm on Wednesday, May 18. Closeby games include #13 Lincoln @ #4 Wilcox and #12 San Mateo @ #5 Mountain View In D-I action. Up the road in Palo Alto is the highly anticipated Open Division matchup between #1 Palo Alto and #16 Valley Christian.  

Admission for all first round games is $5. Subsequent rounds: Adults $8, Seniors, Children 6 and up and High School Students $4.

Complete brackets for all there divisions are available on the Central Coast Section Website.

2016 CCS Baseball Championships

Pioneers Close Out 2016 With 6-1 Loss To Mustangs

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May 7, 2015  

Cupertino fell 6-1 to Homestead in the second and deciding game of the De Anza Division relegation series on Saturday at Homestead.  The game, originally scheduled to have been played on Friday, was postponed until Saturday when no umpires appeared.

In the first three meetings between the two teams, Homestead’s starters handled Cupertino, but their relievers had gotten into trouble. On Saturday, that problem didn't come up as Senior Dylan Remahl tossed a complete game, allowing the Pioneers only one run on five hits.

Josh Longabaugh finished his high school career with a two hit day, driving in Cupertino’s only run.

The series loss means Cupertino will drop down to the El Camino Division for the 2017 season.

Cupertino finishes the season with a record of 12-16, 4-10.

Josh Longabaugh 1B, 1B, RBI, Ben Townsend 1B, Connor Shiomoto 1B, Tim Dinh 1B.

              1  2  3  4  5  6  7   R  H  E
Cupertino     0  0  0  0  0  1  0   1  5  2
Homestead     1  1  0  3  0  1  -   6  6  2

Josh Longabaugh finished his high school career with a two hits and an RBI
Josh Longabaugh finished his high school career with a two hits and an RBI

Cupertino Falls 5-2 To Homestead In Relegation Series Game 1

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May 4, 2016  

The Cupertino Pioneers lost 5-2 to the Homestead Mustangs in the first game of the De Anza Division relegation series Wednesday at Cupertino. 

Homestead starter Bobby Wood was in control of Cupertino during his five innings on the mound, allowing only two singles, two walks, and striking out seven.  After Wood reached his pitch count and departed, the Pioneers loaded the bases in the sixth, only to walk away scoreless after hitting into their  first triple play of the year.  In the seventh, Cupertino added three, then saw  the game end when a runner who had apparently scored the fourth run, was called out for leaving early on a fly ball to center.  

The loss makes game two, to be played Friday at Homestead at 4:00pm, a must-win game for the Pioneers.  A loss would give the best of three series to Homestead, and Cupertino would be sent down to the El Camino Division for the 2017 season.

David Kau 2B, Dean Rodriguez 1B, Tim Dinh 1B, Ben Townsend 1B

              1  2  3  4  5  6  7   R  H  E
Homestead     0  1  1  2  1  0  0   5  8  1
Cupertino     0  0  0  0  0  0  3   2  4  2

David Kau doubled for CupertinoDavid Kau had a double for Cupertino

Senior Day 2016

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April 30, 2016  

On Saturday, April 30, prior to the game with King's Academy, five seniors --  Niko Banks, Ben Champion, Josh Longabaugh, Dean Rodriguez, and Michael Yamaguchi -- and their families participated in Cupertino High School Baseball's 2016 Senior Day.

Cupertino Baseball Senior Day 2016

Niko Banks     Niko Banks photos

Ben Champion     Ben Champion photos

Josh Longabaugh    Josh Longabaugh photos

Dean Rodriguez    Dean Rodriguez photos

Michael Yamaguchi    Michael Yamaguchi photos

The Class of 2016

Pioneers Conclude Regular Season With Senior Day Win

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April 30, 2016  

The Cupertino Pioneers defeated the King’s Academy Knights 8-3 on Senior Day to conclude the 2016 regular season.  The Pioneers finished the season at 4-10, 12-14, one win short of the .500 record needed to be eligible for CCS.

Josh Longabaugh and Tim Dinh each had a double and single. Longabaugh also started and went the distance for Cupertino, picking up the win and striking out six.

Next up for Cupertino is best of three relegation series with Homestead, from which the loser moves down to the El Camino Division for the 2017 season.

Josh Longabaugh 2B, 1B, Tim Dinh 2B, 1B, Ben Townsend 1B, Michael Yamaguchi 1B.

WP: Josh Longabaugh, CG, 6K

                 1  2  3  4  5  6  7   R  H  E
King’s Academy   1  0  0  0  0  0  2   3  2  1
Cupertino        0  6  0  0  2  0  -   8  6  3

Josh Longabaugh pitching against King's Academy
Josh Longabaugh went the distance on Saturday against King's Academy

Pioneers Battle Chargers In 11-6 Loss

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April 29, 2016

Cupertino fell 11-6 to Wilcox at Cupertino on Friday in a must-win game, ending the team’s slim hope of a CCS return.

The Pioneers battled back in the bottom of the fourth, scoring five runs and tying the game at five apiece. Wilcox was on the ropes for a moment, but Cupertino was unable to score further in the inning.  The Chargers added six more to take a commanding lead, while the Pioneers were only able to add one additional run. 

David Kau had a three-hit afternoon, pounding out three singles.

With the loss, Cupertino falls to  4-10, 11-14.

The Pioneers close out the regular season on Saturday when the host the Knights of King’s Academy.

David Kau 1B 1B 1B, Tim Dinh 2B, 1B, Ben Townsend  2B, Ander Hersh 1B, Josh Longabaugh 1B

              1  2  3  4  5  6  7   R  H  E
Wilcox        0  0  1  4  2  1  3  11 11  1
Cupertino     0  0  0  0  0  0  0   6  8  2

David Kau had three singles for Cupertino
David Kau had three singles against Wilcox on Friday afternoon

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