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2013 Was Last Class to Play on Old Field

posted Jul 15, 2013, 2:58 PM by Bill Walstrom   [ updated Jul 6, 2020, 6:01 PM ]
The Class of 2013 was the last group of players to play on the old field prior to its demolition after the 2010 season. 2011 was spent mostly on the road, with a handful of games played at home at end of the season. 2012 marked the first full season on the new field.

On the old field the home dugout was on the third base side. The scoreboard was a classic inningless model located in foul territory in left field. There was no home run fence and center field extended around and behind the redwood trees.

Right-handed hitters had to contend with no home run fence in left and a towering chainlink monster that robbed players of more than a few home runs, though I can recall Hiro Yamamoto crushing one over it that struck the second story roof of the house across the street.

Right field had a 300 foot foul line and a six foot fence. Today's left-handed hitters can can only sigh and contemplate the fun they could have had with that.

A scoring shack was situated in back of the backstop behind home plate and contained a writing surface for the scorer and the hard-wired scoreboard console.  To either side were bleachers which, unlike those today, were large enough to accommodate everyone who wanted to sit.

The Old Field

The complete set of photos can be viewed in the  One Last Look at the Old Field  album on Flickr.