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Little League Regional Event TV Coverage

posted Aug 5, 2011, 12:37 PM by Bill Walstrom   [ updated Jul 6, 2020, 5:13 PM ]

Baseball lovers are in for a treat on Tuesday, August 9, when ESPN begins broadcasting twenty-two Little League Regional Semifinal and Championship games over a six day period. Winners of these tournaments advance to the Little League World series, coverage of which begins on Thursday August 18.

Tuesday, August 9: Southwest Region Semifinal, noon, ESPN2 | Southwest Region Semifinal, 3:00pm, ESPN2

Wednesday, August 10: Great Lakes Region Semifinal, 8:00am, ESPN2 | Southeast Region Semifinal, 10:00am, ESPN2 | Great Lakes Region Semifinal, noon, ESPN2 | Southeast Regional Semifinal, 4:00pm ESPN2

Thursday, August 11: Midwest Region Semifinal, 11:00am, ESPN | Northeast Region Semifinal, 1:00pm, ESPN2 | Midwest Region Semifinal, 3:00pm, ESPN2 | Southwest Region Final, 5:00pm, ESPN2 | Northwest Region Semifinal, 7:00pm, ESPN2

Friday, August 12: Mid-Atlantic Region Semifinal, 8:00am, ESPN | Mid-Atlantic Region Semifinal, noon, ESPN2 | West Region Semifinal, 2:00pm, ESPN2 | Southeast Region Final, 5:00pm, ESPN2 | West Region Semifinal,8:00pm, ESPN2

Saturday, August 13: Great Lakes Region Final, 8:00am, ESPN | New England Region Final, 10:00am, ESPN2 | Northwest Region Final , 2:00pm, ESPN | Midwest Region Final, 4:00pm, ESPN | West Region Final, 6:00pm, ESPN

Sunday, August 14: Mid-Atlantic Region Final, 3:00pm, ESPN2

Times listed above are Pacific. All of the games will also be available on the Internet on ESPN3